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Prodotti veneta lombarda refrattari s.r.l.


FIBERStone ™ is a combination of high temperature ceramic materials and up to 45% in volume of stainless steel fibers. The combination of these materials is directly dependent upon the application of the composite.

This product is supplied as a precast piece. Design and engineering of the individual parts take into consideration anchors, internal reinforcement and ease of installation.
FIBERStone ™ parts should be considered a “high heat resistance refractory metal”. It is very effective when applied as a replacement for metallic components usually destroyed by heat processes.
FIBERStone ™ is also an proper solution, suitable to be installed in areas where material is in direct contact with molten metal.


Wide variety of molten metal contact applications. View the fracture toughness index and the typical FIBERStone applications:

Furnace door jambs, sills and lintels

Molten metal troughs

Furnace dampers

Furnace cleaning tools

Crucible bottoms

Ladle retainer rings

Tundish cover perimeters

Furnace door perimeters

Iron ladle skimmers & spouts

Torpedo ladle spouts


High temperature resistance.
Non-wetting when in contact with molten alluminium, copper, brass and zinc;
Superior mechanical strenght when compared to conventional ceramic compositions such as aluminia, zirconia and silicon carbide tubes;
Excellent flexural proprieties at non-ferrous metal melting;
Eliminates iron combination when compared with metal tubes.


VLR also signed a licensing agreement for theproduction and distribution of a Whetstone Technology new product (with patent).
The application’s name is SUPER SHIELD, and it is used on all aluminum treatment rotors lining (mostly graphite). High performances reduce operating cost.
Super Shield dramatically extends the service life of graphite parts used in the refining or pumping of molten aluminum and zinc. In some instances, Whetstone Technology has completely eliminated the need of graphite shafts and rotors altogether. We can reduce plant expenditures resulted from failed graphite parts used in the treatment and pumping of molten aluminum and zinc.

  • Eliminated oxidation;
  • Completely bonded to shaft;
  • Completely bonded to shaft;
  • Increases shaft impact Resistance;
  • Non-wetting to molten alluminium/zinc

Fiberstone™ – Alluminium

Fiberstone™ – Cast Iron

Fiberstone™ – Steel

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