veneta lombarda refrattari s.r.l.

We create tailored solutions

offering a complete service which includes:
Distribution of refractory material
of the best brands and VLR branded products
Production of precast pieces and production and restoring of handiworks
for steel-plants and foundries
Ladle well filler commercialization
Complete realization of refractory lining
we’ll support you from design to activation of the systems

Our services

Maintenance, routine and non- routine lining throughout Italy and abroad both on existing or new installations.

Developing new solutions by using selected refractory material to enhance performance, the durability and to simplify the repair of the linings.

Our technicians are available to help you find the more suitable solution for your new installations or to solve performance problems of the refractory material in use.

Our range of precast products, concrete for foundries, steel-plants, ceramics and glassware industry:



Precast pieces


Ladle Well Filler




Contacts & Quotations

Contact us to receive a quotation or more details on our services and products: we’ll give you all the information you’re looking for.


VLR manages and control every activity through procedures and processes assuring customers products and services conformity.

Our technicians work constantly on material yeld enhancing and to improve work condition in foundries and steel-plants.
Our technician are available for a specific study of your installations as to find suitable solution on the basis of your needs.

VLR Partners


As to ensure a modern service and quality products, VLR collaborates with industry-leading partner companies.